Islamic Fatwas and The Bahai Faith

Over the years, a significant number of Muslims scholars have, in their individual capacity and representing Islamic institutions have been questioned about the Bahai Faith. These scholars and institutions have offered their clear, unambigious view on the Bahai Faith.

The collection of these views are offered on this site. I would like to remind my readers that this is a web site for Muslims to know the views of Islamic scholars on the Bahai Faith.

Fatwa From Islamic Republic of Iran

Some of the more recent fatwas are listed below:

Recent Fatwas

  1. Fatwa from Mufti of Brunei
  2. Fatwas of Islamic scholars from Saudi Arabia
  3. Fatwas of Islamic scholars from Malaysia
  4. Ulema Council of Afghanistan
  5. Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi and Ayatollah Khomeini
  6. Grand Mufti of India – Abdullah Bukhari Sahab
  7. The Shaikh of Al Azhar, Mohammad Tantawi, July 2008
  8. Kamal’uddin Jaeet the Mufti of the Republic of Tunisia, March 2008
  9. Hujjatul Islam Abdul Kareem Qausari, Najaf, Iraq
  10. Al Azhar speaks out against Bahais and the Bahai Faith

In addition to the above, some of the fatwas offered by other scholars are given below:

Fatwas of Al-Azhar on The Bahai Faith

  1. Sheikh Abdol Majid Salim
  2. Sheikh Abdol Latif
  3. Sheikh Salim Al-Bashri

Fatwas of Islamic Scholars on The Bahai Faith

  1. Grand Mufti of India – Abdullah Bukhari Sahab
  2. Dr. Sheikh Abdolmon’en al-Nahr
  3. Sheikh Abu Zohrh
  4. Sattar Mohyedin Al-Khatib
  5. Ali Al-Mansour
  6. The committee of religious rulings of Al-Azhar
  7. Sheikh Jad-al Haq Ali Jad-al Haq
  8. The 4th resolution of the Jurisprudence Assembly of Egypt
  9. Seyyed Jamaleddin Afghani (Assadabadi)
  10. Seyyed Rashid Reza
  11. Mr. Abdol Aziz Nashi
  12. Dr. Mohammad Nassir
  13. Professor Bent al-Shati
  14. Al-Akhbar Al-Amriya
  15. Mr. Taha al-MowIa
  16. Mr. Khaled Mohammad Khaled
  17. Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Al-Kashef Al-Gheta
  18. Imam Khomeini

What comes across as a common thread across all  such fatwas is the fact, that, all Islamic scholars and institutions are unamimous in their views on the Bahai Faith.

2 Responses

  1. Stop spreading lies about the Baha’i Faith.


  2. Muslim Brother, You have done a commendable job by compiling this blog. Please keep up the good work

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