Al Azhar speak out against Bahais and The Bahai Faith

The following is the statement of Al Azhar which appeared in Al Ahram newspaper in Egypt:

Fatwa of Al Azhar - Al Ahram (Egypt)

Fatwa of Al Azhar - Al Ahram (Egypt)

Bahaism is an invalid and deceptive sect and one who adheres to it is an unbeliever and an apostate.
It is appropriate that a decree be passed with all its resoluteness against any deviator from the religion.

A lot of Islamic research has taken place in Al-Azhar Sharif concerning Bahaism and Bahais. In this statement issued in the name of the Chief of Azhar, the Great Imam, Jaadul Haq Ali Jaadul Haq, he stated that Babism and Bahaism started an innovation in Islam. They were promoted by the people who had gone out of Islam rather they were against all heavenly religions. The person responsible for this (evil) was Mirza Ali Mohammad Shirazi who gave himself the title of Bab (gate) that is to say that he was the unbroken link to the divine truths.

From then onwards, this false sect came to the name as Babism. Then from the successors of the innovator (of Babism, Mirza Ali Mohammad Shirazi) was a man named Husain Ali Noori, who gave himself the title of Bahaullah and called the new sect as Bahaism. After him, the leader of Bahaism and its most famous element was Abbas Effendi who died in the year 1923 and then was Shoghi Effendi Rabbani who expired in 1957.

The end of the first innovator (Mirza Ali Mohammad Shirazi) was execution in 1850 at the hands of the Iranian government of that time. This was in response to the verdicts of the jurists of that time who had pronounced verdicts stating Mirza Ali Mohammad Shirazi to be a heretic and out of the bounds of Islam. Likewise, the Iranian government exiled his successor Mirza Husain Noori to Turkey from where he migrated to Palestine. It was in Palestine where he expired in 1892 and is buried in Haifa.

Babism and Bahaism are the schools of thought that have been blended many philosophies and religions. They do not possess anything that the Islamic nation may need for its rectification and bringing about a unity in it. Rather, they have been acting as agents for and in the service of the Zionists and other imperial forces. Thus it the offspring of that thought and sect that has caused tribulations in the Islamic nation and waged a war against it in the name of religion.

Al-Azhar establishes that :
“Surely Islam has not allowed respect for any other religion other than what Quran has ordered us. Rather it has prevented that there be in a city the practice of any religion other than Islam and then Christianity and Judaism. The reason being that all the other religions are not legitimate and against the public order.

Surely Al-Azhar calls out to those who are responsible for the state of affairs in the Arab Republic of Egypt that they should be resolute in their stand against this deviated group which has rebelled against the religion of Allah and against the public order of this society. They should execute the verdict of Allah against them and promulgate laws to crush them and to defile and defame them and their thoughts. This should be done so as to support and protect all their fellow citizens lest they become apostate by this heretic sect and move away from the straight path of Allah.

Surely it is necessary for all of these people who have harmed the interests of Islam and the country that they should not be seen alive and if this should not happen then they should make sure that they never utter anything against Islam

This matter surely calls for a rapid and active response from the religious authorities and jurists and those responsible with the enforcements and executions of these matters. Let us always remember that Allah has Allah has granted to those in authority (the power of enforcement) what it has not granted to Quran too.

This mischief in Islam should be dealt with concern and attention as it is among the major crimes and sins against Islam. Then let us all rush out to defend the rights of Allah which have been defiled and violated. Let us also rush out to defend Islam, the religion of Allah, regarding which people have been put to trial by the false and vain talks (of these deviated sects). We may consider these actions to be small and insignificant but surely they have a great position near Allah.

O Allah! You bear witness that Al-Azhar has conveyed.”


Views of Islamic Scholars on the Bahai Faith

Dr. Sheikh Abdolmon’en al-Nahr, a renowned Muslim personality comments on the apostasy and excommunication of the Bahais as follows:

“…We know that the Bahais were formerly Muslims but they later abandoned Islam and founded a new creed in order to harm the religion. Therefore, from the very beginning of the advent of this pseudo-religion, religious rulings have been issued against them, either they were Muslims and were converted to Bahaism, or were born of Bahai parents. There is a unanimity of views among Muftis in this conneciton…”

Sheikh Abu Zohrh in the book Tarikh al-Madhaheb al-Islamiya (History of Islamic Sects) described Bahaism as: “A crude mixture which is far from Islamic ideologies…” The Egyptian Mufti in 1971 stated: “If a person is converted from Islam to Bahaism, he is considered an apostate and rulings about apostasy should be enforced against him. His marriage is null and avoid irrespective of whether his wife is a Bahai or not…

The great Islamic writer Sattar Mohyedin Al-Khatib, on page 8 of the book Darasat Anal Babiya va Bahaiya (Studies About Babis and Bahais) has written: “Some are of the idea that hands of foreign countries, either Britain or Russia, could be seen behind this religion (Bahaism) and that those are the same hands which have invented Bahaism and Babism. But, in my opinion, this is an exaggerated comment since foreigners are not capable of creating such religious trends. However, they would not hesitate to misuse such sects after their emergence to their own advantage.”

Also, on page 41 of the above-mentioned book, Ali Al-Mansour, the consultant of the chairman of the Administrative Court of the Council of Ministers of Egypt, has been quoted as saying: “Bahaism is one of the invented sects which has been excommunicated from Islam and its followers are apostate and there apostasy.”

The Committee of religious rulings of Al-Azhar University has also ruled that, “Bahai faith is unvalid and has no connection with Islam. Any Muslim who converts to Bahaism is an apostate and infidel.”

Another Al-Azhar University professor has said, “Bahaism is a political pro-Zionism grouplet.”

Sheikh Jad-al Haq Ali Jad-al Haq, another Al-Azhar professor, in a statement released in connection with the arrest of two Egyptian groups, one led by a doctor who claimed io have prophetic mission, and the other by a Bahai artist, announced that Muslims should boycott those who have turned away from religion and should not transact with them. “Any help to them or marriage with them is prohibited according to Islam”, he added. The statement stipulated that if the two mentioned groups do not repent, they are considered apostates. It further added that Bahaism is a void religion which not only is rejected by Islam but has no connection to Christianity or Judaism. “Rather”, the statement continued, “it is a group subservient to international Zionism and is commissioned to implement its vicious schemes in Arab and Islamic countries, the most obvious proof to which is recognition of Haifa as the Qiblah of the Bahais“. The sheikh called on the two groups to repent and return to Islam. In his comments printed in the weekly Al-Lawa al-Islamic in 1985, he said: “Bahaism is a false religion which is rejected by Islam.”

The following is the text of the fourth resolution of the Jurisprudence Assembly of Egypt on Bahaism which is needless of any interpretation.

Praise be upon God, the One and Only, and blessings on his Prophet, the one that has not been followed by other prophets. The Council of the Jurisprudence Assembly has made a survey of Bahaism which emerged in Iran in the second half of the past century and which is presently being followed by a group of people who are dispersed in Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

The council has also reviewed the research work which has been conducted by a large number of scientists and writers and those who are fully aware of the real nature of this sect and its emergence, as well as of the biography of its founder Mirza Hussein Ali, born on 12 November 1817 and those of his successors, his son Abbas Afandi, known as Abdol Baha, and finally of their activities. After a lengthy discussion, the council came to the following conclusions:

. Bahaism is a newly invented faith which is based upon another new sect invented by a person called Bab (Ali Mohammed), born in Shiraz in October 1819. This person in the beginning had tendencies towards Sufism but later invented his sect upon instigations of his misled leader Kazem Rashti, who believed that he had the characteristics of angels. In the beginning, Ali Mohammad would repeat the same claims as his leader did, but, after a while separated from him and claimed that he was the same as Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb about whom the Prophet has stated that: “I am the city of execution is a must.”……..

Seyyed Jamaleddin Afghani (Assadabadi), has also expressed his views on page 155 of the weekly Monar al-lsiam as follows: “Bahaism is one of the dangerous religions and has an anti-Islamic philosophy. It is a sect in which the Jews play a big role. In 1842, the Babis announced their separation from Islam and started their fight with Islam and Arabic language.”

Meanwhile, the same publication on page 343 of its 7th volume has quoted Seyyed Rashid Reza, the great Islamic thinker and editor-in-chief of the said weekly as saying: “Bahaism is based on Babism whose foundations are laid on corruption. Therefore, how do you expect Muslims to accept Bahaism and Babism which, like Christianity, attribute divine characteristics to human beings?”

Mr. Abdol Aziz Nashi, a teacher and himself a student of Seyyed Rashid Reza, delivered a speech at the Islamic Guidance Society of Cairo which appeared on page 24 of the book Azva va Haqayeq Anal Babiya val Bahaiya (facts about Babis and Bahais): “…In my opinion, it is a duty shouldered by the scientists, orators and thinkers, as well as all those who are influential among the people, men and women and all those who could read and write, to advise Muslims and warn them against being deceived by Bahaism and against attending their circles or reading their books…Bahais are the most dangerous axes created to uproot Islam.”

Dr. Mohammad Nassir on page 59 of Azva va Haqayeq Anal Babiya val Bahaiya (facts about Babis and Bahais) has commented about the interest of imperialism and Zionism to support this sect and written: “Bahais say that the proof to the emergence of Baha is the influence of his words and expansion of his invitation in the absence of any human liaison but rather through the Divine Will. Such a reasoning is in fact a proof to the selfishness of the Bahais and is quite untrue. The Bahais have been attacked everywhere except for those places where imperialism and Zionism according to their advantages have supported them.”

As a proof to his statement, he has mentioned an instance in the next two pages of the book, saying: “…Abdol Baha continued his services for imperialism as he was serving the interests of Zionism in the same manner. Abdol Baha helped the British and the Indians to dominate over Palestine in the course of the World War I and after the war ended to the advantage of Britain, the British government in a splendid ceremony held on April 27, 1920 at a military headquarter in Haifa, presented him with the decoration, the Imperial House of Britain. Meanwhile, Zionism sensitively responded towards news concerning Bahaism. For instance, at the time of the formation of the Bahai circle, the report was repeatedly broadcast by Israeli radio stations, together with congratulations and felicitations on the occasion of their new year. In return, representatives of international Bahaism appreciated the kind attitude of the Israeli government towards the Bahais…There are other instances proving an amicable tie between Zionism and Bahaism.”

Professor Bent al-Shati, on the relation between Bahaism and Zionism says: “Zionism has been unmasked and has mobilized all its forces at the service of Abdol Baha. He has wasted properties of the Jews in order to render financial assistance to a faith which has emerged according to the interests of Israel. It has also mobilized a group of followers of the faith in the Islamic East, where Abbas Afandi had faced the severest Muslim resistance, in order to propagate in favour of the sect and expand the dimension of its domination.

It was at the time of Baha when Zionism was unmasked and revealed its vicious scheme ‘from the Nile to the Euphrates’ and commissioned Bahaism as one of its collaborators to pave the way for the entry of Judaism into the ‘Promised Land’. Abdol Baha then wrote a treatise called Surat-ol Muluk in which he criticized the Turkish monarch under the pretext of making a distinction between the rights of Muslims and those of the Jews. The headquarters of Bahaism on ‘Al-Karmal’ mountain has become a den for the ring leaders of international Zionism and their mercenaries among whom some had been assigned to major posts in Israeli institutions since the birth of the Israeli regime.

An article printed in Al-Akhbar Al-Amriya weekly, the official publication of the international circle of Bahaism in 1951, throws more light on the subject: ‘The assistants of Amrollah, introduced members of the Bahai community at the international Bahai center to the Israeli president and his wife. His Excellency the president has talked about his excursion in the gardens of Jabal Karmal and his visit with the beloved Amrollah in the years 1909-1911 and also his meetings with Baha.”( Al-Ahram newspaper, dated1973/9/14))

Mr. Taha al-Mowla, a Muslim historian, holds some viewpoints in this connection which has been printed in the 63rd volume of the weekly Al-Alam: “Muslim ulema have cursed Bahaism but the Jews have promulgated the faith. Bahaism has attacked Islam and claims that the era of Islam has come to an end and therefore is trying to sow the seeds of its fabricated religion which is a combination of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and idolatry.”

Mr. Khaled Mohammad Khaled, a Muslim thinker, expressed his ideas on Bahaism and its fabricated ideologies as: “My study about Bahaism revealed an ugly profile of the faith. The late Imam Sheikh Mohammad AI-Khezr Hussein had made a survey over the sect and had obtained deep knowledge about it. In one instance he has said; ‘This sect is excommunicated from Islam and its followers who claim to be commissioned for prophetic missions and even go far beyond that, and who deny miracles under the pretext of being irrational…and do not believe in the Resurrection Day, Heaven and Hell, who disregard Hajj and even intend to destroy Ka’aba, are apostate.-.Bahaism is an invention of a ‘mind’ which had various political inclinations and, therefore, the faith is considered as a deceitful religion.”

The prominent Iraqi religious personality Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Al-Kashef Al-Gheta in an interview with the weekly Felestine al-Thowra has stated: “…Many years ago we received a pamphlet in Persian which said that a person has come from the Czarist Russia to Tehran who later learnt Persian and converted to Islam. He would instigate people to rise and would teach military techniques to the Babis to make them ready to attack the Iranian army. This man (Dolgroki whose memoir has been recently translated from Farsi and who is himself a translator at the Russian embassy) was later promoted to the rank of minister extraordinary and finally to the post of the ambassador.”

And, in order to have a happy conclusion to all the above-mentioned quotations, Imam Khomeini’s views on Bahaism, printed in the Arabic Kayhan in 1982, are quoted as follows: “Even if we do not have any witness which could serve as a proof to the fact that Bahais are U.S. mercenaries and spies, Reagan’s support for them is the best proof to this claim.”

The Sheikh of Al Azhar acknowledges that The Bahai Faith is outside the fold of Islam

The Fatwa of Al Azhar (Arabic text)

The Fatwa of Al Azhar (Arabic text)

Shaikh of Al Azhar, Mohammad Tantawi

Shaikh of Al Azhar, Mohammad Tantawi

The Shaikh of Al Azhar, Mohammad Tantawi, emphasized that the Bahai group in Egypt to be considered as “outside the folds of Islam and the teachings of the Heavenly religions”. He termed it as a deviant group which should not spread its venom in the Islamic societies.

Shaikh Tantawi added that surely Bahaism is diametrically opposite to the Islamic Shariah and it is just not possible for anyone to consider Bahaism as a religion. This is because it is outside the folds of Islam and the teachings of the Heavenly religions. He also stressed that there should be no mention of the word Bahai as religion for any Bahai on his Personal Identity Card as that would mean acknowledging Bahaism as a religion. Just as the Interior Ministry refused to accord Bahaism as a religious entity on the Personal Identity Card.

Shaikh Tantawi also pointed out to the judgment rendered by the Administrative Court granting permission to two Bahais to either leave the column of Religion in their Identity Cards to be either blank or to write “Others” in the column.

The late Sheikh of Al Azhar Jad al Haq Ali Jad al Haq had emphasized in 1986 in an edict which was renewed by the Islamic Research Group in 2003 that Bahaism has no connection with the Divine religions. Rather it is a newly innovated religion which manifested itself in the end of the nineteenth century A.D. and was graced and favored by the English imperialist forces with the aim and intention to weaken the Islamic unity and refute the Islamic injunctions. He also mentioned that the Bahais take as their Qibla, the city of Akka in Palestine instead of the Holy Kaba. They also do not believe in the Day of Qiyamah and neither do they believe in Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) as the Messenger of Allah.
(July 2008)

Al Azhar (Egypt) on The Bahai Faith

What does Al Azhar have to say about the Bahai Faith?

  • Sheikh Abdol Majid Salim, head of the committee for religious rulings and a professor at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, noted in September 1949: “Bahaism is by no means a Muslim sect. Because, this creed is contradictory with the principles of Islam and is a religion which contradicts other divine religions. A Muslim woman is not allowed to marry a Bahai man and if she does so, her marriage is void. Those Muslims who convert to Bahaism are apostate, and marriage, even with a Bahai woman, is null and void.”

  • Sheikh Abdol Latif, an Egyptian Mufti and professor at Al-Azhar University, in an interview with ‘Al-Muslemoun’ publication, dated 1985/3/9 said: “No doubt, Bahaism, which is an apostasy in view of Islam and whose ideologies are all against Muslims and deny missions of all prophets, especially Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.), is the worse type of infidelity…”

  • Sheikh Salim Al-Bashri, also a professor at Al-Azhar University, in an interview printed in volume 692 of the Egyptian daily Misr-al Fatah in 1950, said: “If a Muslim is converted to Bahaism, he is considered an apostate and Islamic rulings for infidels should be applied against him.” Another publication, Monar al-lslam has quoted Al-Bashri’s comments about Abbas Afandi as saying: “He was an infidel.” This same Egyptian Mufti on 1985/3/7 in another daily Al-Wafd said: “…Bahai ideologies and teachings are anti-Islamic and their followers are excommunicated from Islam. We have issued our rulings against them…

The Bab and his followers have made odd interpretations of verses of the Holy Qur’an according to their corrupt invitation. He became so powerful in his claims that he would allow himself to change principles of the divine religion according to his wish and would invent new methods of worship for his followers.

The anti-Islamic aspect of the Bahai ideologies, especially Babism, has become quite clear for the Council of Jurisprudence Assembly and thus, the assembly unanimously announces the apostatic nature of Bahaism and Babism and considers the faith as an open war against Islam, and regards their followers absolute infidels.

The assembly, therefore, warns all Muslims in the world against this criminal group and calls on them to resist against followers of this fabricated faith. It also calls on Muslims to beware of the plots of imperialist, countries since they would support Bahaism in order to sow discord among Muslims and deal a blow on Islam.

Signed by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and eight members of the Council