Ulema Council of Afghanistan

“Islamic scholars have issued a fatwa [religious announcement] against the Baha’i faith, declaring it to be separate from the religion of Islam and a form of blasphemy. If any Muslim follows the Baha’i faith, he is considered an apostate. In consideration of the themes written in the books The Baha’i Religion and The Kingdom of Heaven’s Message — the famous books of the Baha’i religion — the Islamic scholars of the Fatwa Directorate of the Supreme Court have issued a fatwa declaring Bab Mirza Mohammad Ali and Baha’i Mirza Hussein Ali (founders of the Baha’i faith who have claimed to be Mehdi or Imam Zaman of the last days and messengers of God) and their followers to be apostates. This ruling is supported by writings from other Islamic scholars, which have declared Bab Mirza Mohammad Ali and Baha’i Mirza Hussein Ali and their followers to be apostates.

The Baha’i faith and its followers would be treated similarly to Christians and Jews in the country.”…

(Ref: General Directorate of Fatwas and Accounts under the Supreme Court of Afghanistan, May 2007)


2 Responses

  1. This is a very positive step from the Muslim community of Afghanistan and the Law of Afghanistan. The judge of Suprem Court have approved to other peopl, that, the people in Afghanistan are still the strongest Muslim in the world. They did not accept any point which is against of Islam in the country.

  2. Assalamualaikum thank you very much for this awareness,many of the people who are claiming they are bahai faith dont really know anything about it, they are just folloing the religion or sect blindly without doing any research about it.BE AWARE IT IS A RELIGION ONLY FORMED TO DEVIATE FROM THE TRUTH AND WAY OF ALLAH,jazakallahu khair

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