Al Azhar (Egypt) on The Bahai Faith

What does Al Azhar have to say about the Bahai Faith?

  • Sheikh Abdol Majid Salim, head of the committee for religious rulings and a professor at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, noted in September 1949: “Bahaism is by no means a Muslim sect. Because, this creed is contradictory with the principles of Islam and is a religion which contradicts other divine religions. A Muslim woman is not allowed to marry a Bahai man and if she does so, her marriage is void. Those Muslims who convert to Bahaism are apostate, and marriage, even with a Bahai woman, is null and void.”

  • Sheikh Abdol Latif, an Egyptian Mufti and professor at Al-Azhar University, in an interview with ‘Al-Muslemoun’ publication, dated 1985/3/9 said: “No doubt, Bahaism, which is an apostasy in view of Islam and whose ideologies are all against Muslims and deny missions of all prophets, especially Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.), is the worse type of infidelity…”

  • Sheikh Salim Al-Bashri, also a professor at Al-Azhar University, in an interview printed in volume 692 of the Egyptian daily Misr-al Fatah in 1950, said: “If a Muslim is converted to Bahaism, he is considered an apostate and Islamic rulings for infidels should be applied against him.” Another publication, Monar al-lslam has quoted Al-Bashri’s comments about Abbas Afandi as saying: “He was an infidel.” This same Egyptian Mufti on 1985/3/7 in another daily Al-Wafd said: “…Bahai ideologies and teachings are anti-Islamic and their followers are excommunicated from Islam. We have issued our rulings against them…

The Bab and his followers have made odd interpretations of verses of the Holy Qur’an according to their corrupt invitation. He became so powerful in his claims that he would allow himself to change principles of the divine religion according to his wish and would invent new methods of worship for his followers.

The anti-Islamic aspect of the Bahai ideologies, especially Babism, has become quite clear for the Council of Jurisprudence Assembly and thus, the assembly unanimously announces the apostatic nature of Bahaism and Babism and considers the faith as an open war against Islam, and regards their followers absolute infidels.

The assembly, therefore, warns all Muslims in the world against this criminal group and calls on them to resist against followers of this fabricated faith. It also calls on Muslims to beware of the plots of imperialist, countries since they would support Bahaism in order to sow discord among Muslims and deal a blow on Islam.

Signed by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and eight members of the Council


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