Why we need this Blog

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Islam is the religion that Allah chose for mankind and communicated its principles to us through His beloved prophet, Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa (pbuh). It is now over 1,400 years and the message of Allah remains as relevant and vibrant as ever. Over this period, Islam has often been misinterpreted and more often than not misrepresented to the masses. While it is not my objective to dwell on all those elements which made Islam a victim of their malicious intent – there is one element which I wish to bring to the fore and offer my clarifications on the same. And that element is the advent of the Bahai Faith.

The Bahai Faith began just over 150 years ago in the sleepy town of Shiraz in Iran. It is a school of thought that propogates the idea that Islam is now abrogated – its principles now superceeded by those of the Bahai Faith; the Quran replaced by the Bahai book and its laws substituted by the laws brought by Bahai leaders. Bahais also do not subscribe to the finality of the prophethood and messengership of the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh) as also they claim that the Day of Judgement promised in the Quran has come and gone. We are all led to believe that the Bahai Faith heralds a new world order. Unfortunately, to establish all of this, the Bahais twist verses of the Quran and deny authentic traditions of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Having said that, the Bahais don’t just deny traditions, they even deny their own books if the sayings therein are found to be uncomnfortable or detrimental to the interests of the Bahai Faith. Once again, the objective of this blog is not to establish the veracity or otherwise of the Bahai Faith – though from time to time, I will provide links to web sites which are intellectually driven and backed by references for the same.

Then what is the objective – the driving principle of this blog?

In my studies of the Bahai Faith, I have had the opportunity to interact with both Bahais and Muslims. I soon realised that ordinary Muslims were being misled by the devious words of the Bahais. While there are scores of web sites which offer the Bahai point of view, there are few which offer the Muslim point of view of the Bahais. And who better can offer an Islamic  view on the Bahais better than the Muslim scholars. Since the advent of the Bahai Faith, questions have been put forth to the scholars on the Bahai Faith and responses have been offered. Howver the responses are not easily available to the masses at large. This blog simply aims to bridge that gap.

On this blog, you will find the “fatwas” or religious rulings of Muslim scholars through the ages, throughout the world on the Bahai Faith. I have no views to offer on my own – just the words of the scholars.

I seek the help of Allah and the pleasure of His last prophet and messenger, Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa (pbuh) to complete this task. I invite my Muslim brothers and sisters to aid me by sending me any fatwas that may have passed through their knowledge at any point of time.


M Basheer


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  1. This is a really exceptional blog, keep up the good work! Salam.

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